Research and development






Full product development engineering including:

- Motor component design, development and analysis, thermal studying
- Design for manufacturability / assembly / test
- Structural analysis and testing
- Propellant feeding and control
- Control systems
- Measuring software development
- Sensor assemblies
- Complex electro-mechanical and gas systems
- Gas-generating systems and combustion science
- System architecture and design
- Risk management and motor life-cycle support

Manufacturing Design

- 2D and 3D drawing, detailed solid modeling on multiple design packages
- Processing results
- Tightly component integration
- Human factors and user interface design
- Design validation
- Complete motor

Validation and Verification

- Independent test group applies rigorous testing methods to ensure products meet requirements
- Test coverage of all design inputs
- Regression testing applied as appropriate for product changes
- Environmental


- Prototype and final motor assembly space
- Prototype manufacturing technologies and assembly fixture development
- Environment provides manufacturing process development prior to final design


R&D Activity



Research and development activity




At LAJP we innovate around core applications. Most of our projects can be classified under four main categories:

  1.    New advanced rocket motor design
  2.    Spacecraft
  3.    LV’s upper stages
  4.    Planet landers

Since most of the work we do at LAJP is confidential, the information here and links are just general information about developments and a small sample of the products. We will be adding more, so please check back soon.