The Laboratory of Advanced Jet Propulsion (LAJP), founded on August of 2007, is running integrated projects focusing on research and development of rocket-space-technologies in Ukraine. The LAJP is located in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovs’k). This city is placed in the eastern part of Ukraine, 540 km from the capital Kyiv, and is known as a rocket capital of Ukraine.


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The LAJP aims to develop, build, test and use rocket propulsion systems in composition of new launch vehicles and spacecraft, to promote intentionally new and innovative concepts covering impacts on our environment as much as possible. Involving external facilties and inviting other organizations to projects allows LAJP to achieve its objectives. The developments of the joint projects foresee participation of Ukrainian and foreign R&D institutions, specialized and interested universities and industries. A primary current focus of the Lab is an overall space transportation systems based on the original Slurry Rocket Motor (SluRM). It is being designed to bring last stages of LVs, make soft landing onto planets, carry passengers and crew in the sub-orbital flights with minimal overloads. The LAJP has demonstrated its ability to bring together the best skills across the whole of Ukraine, and has succeeded in becoming the prime developer for a series of strategically new propulsion programmes. These include the international electric propulsion activities and a family of the EU supported Slurry Rocket Motors based on the range of successful tests with innovative slurry-type propellant.





As a non-profit R&D organization, LAJP depends on grant support and purposeful partnership with various organizations. Support funds and resources are both of high interest. The Science & Technology Center in Ukraine STCU is a first our sponsor working in Ukraine into frames of the European Commission activity.




Corporate Start-up Philosophy

LAJP is structured around a talented core team. Each of our team members comes with years of industrial and design experience primarily in the rocket-space industry and large corporations like Yuzhnoye SDOPavlograd Chemical Plant and Institute of Technical Mechanics. Each of us has launched multiple product introductions in fields such as military, industrial and automation.

Product Design Philosophy

Keeping with our experience in the rocket-space industry, we have continued to maintain a systems integration design and engineering approach. This means we invest time up front in selecting as many off-the-shelf sub-components as possible. This allows us to leverage parts that are readily available in large supply at wholesale prices. But main % of the developments is unique, we have the flexibility to make multiple design changes to meet different market niches. Together this strategy allows LAJP to manufacture a motor at the reduced cost structure of every other import motor or full plant.


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